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Book Appointment (CMS)

Project Info

Book Appointment is a web based system helps the agents to facilitate their clients by providing full information for their properties, projects and investments.
  • Client: RTD
  • Category: Real Estate, Property.
  • Date: 6/10/2022
  • Website: https://www.bookappointment.sg/
  • Location: Singapore
  • Users 1,000 + Agents and clients.

Book Appointment (CMS)

Book Appointment is a web-based system that helps agents to facilitate their clients by providing complete information about their properties, projects, and investments.


Admin Login

Book Appointment has separate log in pages for agents and admin. Agent Page also contains sign up option.

User List

After Login, Admin can see user list that contains the details of the agents. Admin can add, edit and delete users.

Users/Agents Management.

After Log In, Agent can see his profile. It can be modified by agent

User Dashboard

User Dashboard contains dynamic information about all users/agents. It include queries count and subscription package.

Property Listing Index(List of Listings)

Property Listing Index contains the lists of the properties that are created by the user. User can perform actions like add, edit and delete here.

Micro sites Index Page

Micro site Index page contains the list of the projects. Agent can add, edit and delete his project.

Creating A Listing

Creation of Listing Page includes details of the properties entered by the Agents. It contain Project name, it’s price, location and description

Media Page of Listings

Media Page includes file up-loaders for different sections of the Project Website.

Templates for Editing Micro site

Book Appointment provides different templates to Agents for creating their websites by their own.

Micro site Overview

Agents can preview the templates and select any of them. Agent can enter data from Editor and see it on webpage.

Agent Website Builder

Agent Website Builder is used to design the Agent’s personal website. It provides facility to create subdomain and design website according to their desire.

Agent Personal Website

Agent Personal Website is the preview of Agent’s site. Agents can see the changes made by them through editors.

Project Details on Agent Website

Project Details are also shown on Agent’s personal website. All projects and properties of Agent are shown on the website.

Detail Page

All properties and projects on Agent’s site has a detail page. On this page, all details of the project are present. It also contains Mortgage Loan Calculator.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator pdf shows the Amortization Calculator and loan details related to the property

Clients can:

See the agent websites.
See the project’s website.
Put a lead from form.
Communicate with the agent.


Easy to use for agents to manage their business projects/property data in a formality. Highly user-friendly for clients to view the 100% details/history of the projects/properties and easy to find the best property.