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Real Estate Solutions

Project Info

RTD is a web and mobile app-based solution for Real Estate Advisors. It provides all the essentials to property agents which are necessary to win a sale.
  • Client: RTD Advisor
  • Category: Real Estate, Property.
  • Date: 10/10/2022
  • Website: rtdhuttons.com
  • Location: Singapore
  • Users 3,000 + Agents

Real Estate Solutions

RTD is a web and mobile app-based solution for Real Estate Advisors. It provides all the essentials to property agents which are necessary to win a sale.
Huttons Asia is a premium real estate agency established in 2002. Situated in Singapore, our company employs more than 3,000 realty consultants.


  1. Web App.
  2. Auto Fetch Data from different sources.
  3. Two-factor authentication.
  4. Property Calculators.
  5. Property Reports in PDFs.
  6. Client Relational Management.
  7. Realtime messaging.
  8. File sharing chat function.
  9. Client+.
  10. Real-time birthday notifications.

RTD Advisor APP


1. Property Calculators

1) Exit strategy:
a) Exit Strategy New Launch
b) Exit Strategy Resale
c) Exit Strategy Basic

2) Loan:
a) Affordability (TDSR/MSR)
b) Gearing Restructuring
c) Pledging
d) Mortgage Loan
e) Age Advantage
f) Assessment of Income Required
g) Interest Rate Safety Net
3) New Launch:
a) New Launch Timeline
b) Progressive Scheme Break Down
c) Asset Wealth
d) All in One Calculator

4) Resale
a) Resale New Launch Comparison
b) Resale Purchase Breakdown
c) Resale Timeline
d) Resale Proceed
e) Sell 1 Buy 2
f) Lease Decay
5) Tax planning:
a) Decouple
b) Purchasing 99
d) Seller Stamp Duty
e) Rental Stamp Duty

Property Reports

1) New Launch Reports:
a) Market Analysis Report
b) Intelligence Report
c) Upcoming Report
d) Object Handling
e) Project Comparison
f) Dual key Reports
g) Bank Interest
2) GLS/Enbloc Report
a) Land Sales Report
b) Land Bid Comparison
c) Land Chart


Super Fast and easy way to connect with these by click on menu see its members, click on it and open up whatsapp.

1. Bankers
2. Lawyers
3. Property Portals
4. Mortgage Brokers
5. Handyman & Movers
6. Others


There are two tabs named Ebrochure and Ebook, having title, description and report opening button.

Courses/ Training

RTD Advisor has a module for the courses and training section for the agents where they have an easy way to select and follow up the video courses and the docs related to property rules, techniques and legal issues.
Agents can select:
1. Categories
2. Courses
3. Lessons
When a video is completed app keeps its record. opens up the next video when user reopen the app. it shows the status how much percentage has been completed.


Agents can chat with each other and share information regarding property advisors. Rather than to go at whatsapp find the contact and then share information with him/her. RTD advisor has same feature in it like whatsapp, where agents can do text message, share files. As reports can be generated with in the advisor app, its super easy way to share those reports in the same app.
1. one to one chat.
2. group chat.
3. send text messages
4. send files





Team leads receive birthday notifications of their team members. it shows member names, picture and its phone number. Similarly, others admin notifications are also comes in list. having differentiate read unread notifications with colors.

Client Plus Feature

Agents can share link of calculators and reports generating screens to their clients or the persons who have not installed the app. This link opens up the property calculator page in the web. When users open up the link or generates report a mobile notification and email is sent to link sending agent. Hence, agent is updated with the client’s interest and his reports.


Client Relation Management (CRM)

A complete and comprehensive module CRM has been added in the advisor app.
1. Agent can simply connect Advisor CRM with the social media like Facebook, Instagram.
2. Leads directly comes into the CRM.
3. Agent follows leads
4. A timeline is generated against lead and actions performed with it.