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Blindin Solutions

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Blindin Solutions

Project Info

Blinding solutions is business communication system for Blinging Dealerships.
  • Client: YUU
  • Category: Blinding Dealer App (Web + Mobile).
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  • Website: https://blindinsolutions.itoasis.co/
  • Location: United Kingdom

Blindin Solutions

Blinding solutions is a business communications system between Admin, Inquiry Officer, Store Manager, Fixer, and Installer. The system is built with web and mobile apps to provide a super easy user interface to perform their work activities.

  • Provide SaaS-based logins to dealerships.
  • Set different/allow packages for dealers based on their needs.
  • Manage clients.
  • See reports/overall system performance.


Super Admin, Admin, Surveyor and installer can login with there credentials

Admin/Dealer can:

  • Create users and their roles within a dealership.
  • User Management.
  • Overall system overview/reports.
  • View the performance of each user.
  • Feedback from the clients.
  • Jobs and orders status.


  • Get leads from the admin
  • Visit the lead location mentioned in the system.
  • Get data from the client and enter it into the system.
  • Take measurements and images of the locations.
  • Enter the system in different categories.


  • Material order is managed by the Admin.
  • Track the order and manage the task by assigning it to the next role.


  • Gets the order material and clients’ location in the system.
  • Goes to the client’s location and fixes the blinds.
  • Takes their pictures and enters their status in the system.
  • Take feedback from clients.
  • Revert the order to the respected role if needed.
  • Mark has done the order.
  • Follow up on the new order.

End Goal.

From lead to final feedback of the client. all the system goes smooth and well mannered with no interference from the higher management or admin. The system deals with all the steps very smoothly. keeps records and moves the order ahead by assigning the task to each role respectively.